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We're energised by the potential to create stunning brand experiences that ignite your bottom line - when you win, we win. But what they said was true: it’s not what you do; it’s the way that you do it. That’s why we achieve the best results when we work with brands that are fuelled by core values, solid branding, product-market fit, and an incredible dedication to be the best in their industry.

flux (noun): continuous change, expressing the strength of a field of force in a given area.

Hey Flux?

Hey, we’re Flux, one of the world’s only Shopify Plus Experts. We’re a close-knit team of left-brained strategists and right-brained creatives who thrive within the digital world. We’re based out of Australia, with our vision directed to international trends and world-class innovation. We have a range of skill sets and expertise, but we’re united by a shared drive to build exceptional ecommerce platforms for future-focused brands. And we only use Shopify, because it’s the most powerful ecommerce platform around. Hands down.


Leading brands need a particular kind of business partner: a partner who’s walked in their shoes and developed a solution to solve a similar problem. That’s why we only hire people with an innovative, entrepreneurial mindset. Why? They bring value to your business like no single skilled employee ever could. Their advice is grounded in experience, trial and error, and a passion for problem solving.

We only hire entrepreneurs to maximise the value we deliver to our partners.


You can’t steer the spacecraft without a set of coordinates. These core standards allow us to set our true north.

1. People over profit

2. Keep it stupid simple

3. Never stop learning

4. Question everything

5. be part of the team

6. Partners, not Clients

We want to work on challenging problems we're passionate about with people we admire

Brands we've helped

Our experienced

Advisory board

Our board of advisors meets regular to help overcome issues that our partnersare facing. By working with FLUX, you will have access to the combined knowledge, experince and wisdom of the following amzing people.

"We have assembled a group of advisors who add value to every one of our partners"

Adam Tregear (Founder of FLUX)