Built with Shopify Plus

The Challenge

Thankyou Water is a social enterprise that has raised millions over the last 7 years to help end extreme poverty. And three weeks before the launch of a new product, Flux was tasked with a tight deadline to help them continue with their mission. Branching out from everyday hydration, Thankyou Water wanted to create a motivational book. The catch? We needed to integrate a Pay What You Want functionality, something never done before on Shopify. Every stage of the branding and production process had to be accelerated, on top of pioneering a new ecommerce concept for Shopify.

They are a team that commits themselves to learning, understanding and aligning with a clients needs and ideas.

Wesley Rodricks, Head of Creative at Thankyou

The Outcome

Using the Shopify platform, we built and customised apps and processes that allowed users to contributing to changing the world by paying what they wanted for Thankyou’s new sideways book. The entire ecommerce platform was built in only 23 days, and we helped Thank You hit an unprecedented $1.2 million in only 28 days after launch. As an ongoing project, we continue to develop this and other projects for Thankyou as they strive to create global impact.