The Challenge

Quad Lock are a Melbourne Kickstarter success story who since 2011, have been creating “Smartphone mounting for an active lifestyle.” They Engaged FLUX to design and build a bespoke site on Shopify PLUS. The challenge the project presented was analysing 5 years of historic user data that shaped the current store. Then, ensuring all design and structural changes were driven by that data.

After understanding the updated marketing strategy, we had to re create the way that products were being served to the user. This had additional SEO challenges that were compounded given the use of 6 international stores.  

Our Approach

To make sure we didn’t do anything to negatively affect their awesome CR, we needed to design in way which referenced their years of hard fought data on what worked and what didnt, but also resonated with new customers. 

We also wanted to streamline their product and content management by combining their 7 different product templates into 1 master, which was able to handle any number of Variants options, preorder backorder and out of stock without any apps and able to update additional information about products easily and display them beautifully on the frontend.

To ensure the site was always snappy and responsive, it is built on a custom FLUX them utilising Shopifys latest Slate framework.

Quad Lock being a global company, they operate across 6 location based domains and as such a multi-level I.P redirection functionality was implemented to ensure shoppers were presented pricing in their local currency and also offered the quickest possible product shipments due to local warehousing.

Product Page

The product page that was designed and developed for Quad Lock is truly considered and packs a lot of functionality into it. Quad Lock has learnt over the years that video sells products, so we have implemented 2 videos into the main product image area. 1 is the hero video selling the product. The second is a how to video, specific to each product which has its own icon so the Consumer can get a feel for the product before they buy it.

Variants, because they aren’t just simple colours or size, are able to be changed to 3 different display options; An Image, Dropdown or Yes/No format. This gives nearly unlimited potential for products options now and into the future. There is also a very clear incorrect state if the customer attempts to add the product without making all of the required selections.

Product information is easily updated via Custom Fields and then displayed on the front end in smooth Tabs. Allowing a lot of information in an easily digestible manner. Icons are use to highlight key features and specs.

The Outcome

Since the new sites launched, conversion rate and customer satisfaction is up. The improved mobile experience resulted in a sharp rise of mobile orders. We continue to work with Quad Lock daily on strategy and site improvements to ensure they continue to be the market leader.