Built with Shopify Plus

The Challenge

Nicklor has been making dreams happen since 1996 with premium mattresses that are manufactured using the highest quality materials. The problem? 

When Nicklor approached Flux, they lacked a strong, visual identity and an engaging web presence, and their USP was buried within industry jargon. Flux’s challenge was to recreate and build a full branding and web experience that captured their values, simplified a technical product, built brand resonance for their target audience, and gave a new life to the overall ecommerce experience.

Our Approach

We designed and built a whole new brand ecosystem that communicated Nicklor’s new direction with cohesive, visual storytelling. Firstly, we defined how they should differentiate themselves form the competition: by making shopping for mattresses online simple and enjoyable, condensing their many points of information into streamlined messaging and clear calls-to-action. 

To do this, we built and branded a new Shopify website that was visually engaging, and highlighted the important features and benefits of their new product range.

For this, Nicklor invested in strong, visual storytelling with stunning product photography, and accompanying website copy to drive home the possibility of a good night’s sleep. We worked with them to streamline their message and create clear calls-to-action, creating a new path for conversions that was no longer jumbled up with the rest of the website content.

The Outcome

The new Nicklor website is far easier to navigate, delivering a seamless user experience that’s focused on displaying the products, and not overloading the website visitor with technical information. We used a simple, clean colour scheme to differentiate between the different specifications, and large lifestyle and product photography. The end result is an ecommerce solution built to facilitate an easy change of content and messaging, resulting in increased conversions and a better night’s sleep.