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The Challenge

MiGoals is a motivational stationery brand that prompts customers to focus on envisioning their future and kicking their goals, all with a large dose of positivity. The challenge was to revitalise a brand identity to coincide with the company’s growth, with a strategic approach to their communications and marketing. 

During our discovery phase, we realised MiGoals had a number of customer segments. But instead of personalising brand messages for each segment, their marketing diluted their USP as their user experience was designed for wide mass appeal. Our challenge was simple: their existing user experience didn’t give their website visitors the chance to easily explore the variety of stationary options available.

Flux’s services go over and beyond to make sure our site is working at its full potential.

Alec Kach, Head of Creative at MiGoals

Our Approach

Enter the faces of Flux, who refreshed MiGoals with a collaborative approach to truly communicate the essence of their appeal: their minimal design and capacity to empower customers to personalise their products.

This minimal aesthetic shines throughout their new digital presence, making it easy for users to find what they’re looking for. We built individual landing pages for each customer segment, that could easily be customised with imagery, copy and products designed specifically for their tastes.

Originally, users had to refresh their page each time they wanted to view a different colour diary. With the Flux UX team in charge, we developed a robust and simple colour swatch system that persuaded users to stay on the page and view all colours and images, all without having to reload the page.

Care was also given to optimise the shopping cart, with a simple one-click update option to increase order size, with zero friction.

"They are a team that commits themselves to learning, understanding and aligning with a clients needs and ideas."

Wesley Rodricks, Head of Creative at Thankyou

The Outcome

After launching their new website, MiGoals experienced their biggest Q4 sales ever. The new persona landing pages allowed for targeted ad campaigns across social media, where each landing page was promoted to a particular niche audience. This greatly increased conversion rates.


Some of the apps and tools we used to achieve Migoals, goals.

Klaviyo for amazing ecommerce specific EDM, abandoned carts and

Trade Gecko for inventory management across multiple countries and warehouses.

Nosto for product upsells and cross sells, increasing cart size based on what visitors are vein and adding to their carts.