Dots by donna

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The Challenge

Consumer art meets simplified ecommerce design.

Dots by Donna is Donna Taylor’s online store for the sale of her premium consumer artworks.  As a talented, self-taught creative, she relied upon the strength of her practice to make sales, experiencing amazing growth both online and at local markets. 

But as Donna’s reputation grew, so too did her need for an elevated ecommerce experience, along with a rebrand that spoke volumes about the modern personality of her artwork. Dots by Donna needed a digital solution that was capable of attracting new customers, retaining existing collectors, provided a seamless shopping experience, and could handle an increase in direct traffic.

Our Approach

We began by redefining both the visual identity of the brand, and renaming Taylored Dots to Dots by Donna. But as a cult brand with an existing fan base, we understood that many of Donna’s customers would want the brand to feel familiar. So to take the brand to the next level while retaining its distinctive vibe, we created a gallery-like experience for the new website, where user-generated content would play a key role. In this way, Dots by Donna helps visitors to visualise the content in their own homes, using other’s content as a reference point.

We also wanted to create consistency within the product pages, so we photographed all prints in the same location, under the same lighting. A clever size guide using real prints also gives consumers the power to imagine the artworks in their own hom

The end product went above and beyond the what was required. We are very happy with the communication and commitment that FLUX put in to the project.

Donna Taylor, Creative Director at Dots by DOnna

The Outcome

A new brand and beautiful interface is born.

Shopping for artwork needs to be an intimate, empowering experience that allows customers to easily envision artwork in their homes. The new Dots by Donna website invites visitors into Donna’s world with hero images and a video of Donna in her element, creating a sense of intimacy.

We also simplified the UX design, melding elements from mobile interactions within the desktop experience, allowing visitors to easily choose artwork sizing, framing, and product comparisons. The monochromatic colour scheme also ensured that all focus was on the artworks themselves.

As craft markets played a pivotal role in Donna’s success, we incorporated a page dedicated to clearly informing customers of upcoming events with specific dates and locations.